About Palestine

Cities of Palestine

Cities of Palestine

Palestine is not only a Holy Place for the three monotheistic religions, but also a country in which to find culture, history and relaxation.

It is a country of culture where tourists can experience Palestinian folklore and heritage by visiting many museums and folk centers. They can also stay with families to experience the life style of the Palestinians and enjoy their well known hospitality.

Palestine’s long and interesting history comes alive when you visit the many archaeological sites. For example, there is ancient Jericho the oldest town in the whole world. There is Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus and Gaza with their significant archaeological sites which tell of a history that goes back thousands of years, not forgetting Bethlehem and its biblical significance as the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Finally, it is a country in which to relax. Visitors enjoy the lovely weather throughout the spring and summer seasons in most of the cities in the West Bank and Gaza and the warmth of Jericho in winter. Besides, there are comfortable hotels and many tourist facilities such as shops, festivals, pubs, restaurants and cafes.